Thursday, November 26, 2009

Creative Imaging - Colour Block

I found this assignment quite challenging in some ways, as even though there is a lot of colour around us,  when I was 'looking' for things of particular colours, nothing stood out to me and I was finding it hard to make my images look interesting. I was beginning to find a new love for black and white haha, however, after a while I found that I started to notice things a bit more and came up with the following final images.

Magenta (pink)
This image makes me feel loud and energetic, which is fitting, because it's an iPod and I play my music relatively loud on it! It makes me feel this way because of the vibrancy of it - it's really bold, which makes it pop! 

This image makes me feel happy and cosy! It's bright and the two shades of yellow make me feel warm. I think this is because the colour reminds me of the sun and therefore, I feel warm. Not warm in the same way as an orange hue would make me feel, more warm in a happy, homely way.

This image reminds me of love and passion. I think that because there are white sections in it, it reminds me of those connotations of the colour red, as opposed to more negative connotations like anger, because the white blends in and almost softens the red. It also makes me feel lively too because its so bold and bright!

This is my least favourite image, as I don't like the colour green as much as the other colours. I don't really know why, it's just not a colour I connect with much. It does make me think of the outdoors and nature though, because green is so much a part of the outdoors, e.g,  fields and forests etc. I find this particular shade of green quite a sickly colour however.

Complimentary Colours
I really like this image as I feel like the red and green, and the yellow and blue, both compliment each other! Its really vibrant and I love how the lines of colours combine in the overall image.

Similarity Colours
I think these colors really work well together. The different shades of yellows and oranges in the leaves create a warm, autumnal feeling. 

Overall, I find that colours make a big impact on how an image is perceived. The way colour is used in images can portray different moods and in turn affect how a viewer responds to the image. I think this assignment will definitely make me more aware of colours in my images and how I use different colours within my images in relation to the point or atmosphere that I want to portray.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Isn't It Ironic... Don't Ya Think?!

This weeks board assignment had been driving me insane ALL week!
I just had NO ideas whatsoever, for the theme 'Irony'.
Then this weekend I came up with an idea, *phew* 
Hopefully the shot speaks for itself.

(because the image is smaller on here, incase the text on the book isn't very clear, it says 'How To Eat Healthy'. Reading a healthy eating book, whilst eating a McDonalds burger... Ironic isn't it?!)

Until next week...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun in the November Sun

So today me and Laura went out shooting for the day. We got some assignment work done as well as some personal shooting, which was really nice! 

First of all Laura drove us out to this park, I can't remember the name of it, but is was really nice to shoot some landscapes. I got a couple of neat portraits of her too. Here take a look:

Then after we had been shooting there for a few hours, we met up with Lauras friend Rita as Laura was doing a portrait session with her, so I tagged along and got a few shots of my own!
Laura had some crazy ideas of going to a graveyard, which resulted in Rita lying in a grave (I was freaked out and convinced that we are now going to be haunted for it! Laura saw it as 'all for the good of our art' lol). Incidentally, the grave shots actually came out pretty awesome and we left a rose on every grave that we shot by, as respect to the deceist.  
Here are some of the shots I got from our time at the graveyard.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Loving the Landscape!

Hello Fellow Bloggers....

So it's been a while since I've blogged properly! School has been crazy busy and I've been feeling so run down lately blogging hasn't even entered my mind!
So I'm taking some time out now to share some images I took on Thanksgiving weekend.

My family and I went to Elkhorn Resort at Riding Mountain, a few hours drive from Winnipeg for the weekend, and we had the weirdest weather ever! It was Autumn, and all the trees had the lovely autumnal colours in their leaves etc, but we had a weird snow dump which covered everything in a white layer!! It was really weird for me seeing all the snow, but yet still having all the leaves on the trees etc. It looked really nice and of course my camera was permanently fixed around my neck all weekend!

I would get up in the mornings while we were away, wrap up in warm clothes and go out walking on my own for a while before breakfast, where the morning light was just gorgeous for shooting! i think most of my favourite shots from the weekend were from those morning shoots. Here are some of the ones i've worked on that I am really pleased with!
I must admit, landscapes aren't usually my favourite thing to shoot, however, I had a lot of fun shooting the scenery over Thanksgiving and am really pleased with the outcome after playing around with them in Lightroom!