Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love the Zoo!

Finally shoot week assignments and Exams are OVER! WAHEY!
and in Creative Imaging class we went on a field trip to the Zoo!!
I am always visiting the zoo because entry is super cheap and I never tire of taking photos there! 

So today, despite feeling tired and a bit under the weather (think I'm coming down with a cold or something! grrr!) I had a lot of fun and got some great shots! It was really cold which wasn't so nice, but I managed to get my creative head on and capture some interesting images! Some, not the sort of images I would usually think to take. I definitely feel that my photography is improving and I'm beginning to look at things with more of a creative eye.
Here is a slideshow of some of the images I took:

So glad exams are done and I can start to enjoy school again! lol!


Monday, October 19, 2009

AT6.2 Photographic Hero - Assignment!

So back in our first couple of weeks of school, for Analogue Techniques class, we had to choose a Black and White photographer to do some research on and write a short introductory paragraph about them.
For part of this weeks major assignment, we have to go back to this photographer and look at their work from a more technical perspective. Here are my conclusions on my photographer.

Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt is particularly well known for his black and white candid shots. His portraits aren't shot in the typical way you might 'expect' them to be shot. They would often include an element of humor too and this is particularly found in his dog portraits.
Originally, Erwitt shot on a square format, however, he found that it wasn't best suited to the type of photographs he wanted to produce. Since changing his format, he most often uses a Leica 35mm camera and generally prints sizes 8x10 to 30x40.

The structure of his images vary slightly depending on the subject he is shooting, however his dog portraits that I find particularly interesting, do follow a similar compositional pattern.
In regards to the examples below, Erwitt frames his subjects in a particular way to make the small dog, the main focal point of the image. In these street shots, the owners feet and part of their legs are in the shot, however, never the rest of their body. I feel that this is Erwitts way to emphasise how small the dog is, and also, it adds to the humor of the image and makes it interesting because I feel like the viewer is almost left wondering about who this dog owner is and what sort of person they are. He doesn't shoot 'typical' dog portraits. He likes to add an element of humor to these images, as you can see in my first example below. This image in particular I find amusing, as the tiny dog is jumping as high as he can, and yet he's still only waist level with his owner. They way he is positioned almost makes the dog look like he's upright in a 'human position', mirroring his owner's stance. Also, in the third example, not only is the small chiuawa next to his owner, but there is also, a Great Dane's legs on the other side.
Again, I feel that this really emphasises the size comparison of the dogs and adds to the humor (especially as the chiuawa has a little outfit on too)! I really like this style of work, as it is different to the usual dog portraits you see. They are simply shot and almost look like they could of been just random shots taken down the street, with no pre-planning, which I feel adds a lot of character to the images and is probably what Erwitt wanted to get across. You can see this is a style he used often, as each of these 3 examples are very different, yet have the same compositional elements.

As well as the dog portraits, Erwitt's people portraits really caught my eye. In the 2 images below, he uses the rule of thirds and also fairly tight cropping (which is often a theme amongst his images), so you are really drawn to the subject.
I really like the Marilyn Monroe shot as it is not a conventional shot of what you would expect to see of her. It is almost like it has been taken unplanned; her face is covered by her hand and she isn't dressed up all glamorous like you would expect. The strong contrast of the image makes her stand out in the image and where she is all in white, it's almost like she is glowing against the dark shadowy background.
The final image, stood out to me, again, for its unconventional composition. Instead of looking at the couple directly, we see them in the image through their reflection in the car's wing mirror. I love that by seeing them in this way, you can also see their surroundings, and the ocean gives the image a sense of tranquility, corresponding with the smile on the woman's face, it makes the scene feel calm and happy. I love how the main focus of the image is meant to be on the people, even though they are only visible in a fragment of the frame. I also feel like the viewer is drawn to them because they are framed by the circular shape of the mirror. This really works for me.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Marvel Beauty Shoot

So a few of us from Prairieview got to shoot some beauty shots for the students of Marvel Beauty school! The hair and makeup was done for some of the students exams (from what I gathered) and we were the lucky ones taking the pics for their portfolios!

I had an awesome time!! It definitely made me even more determined to learn as much as I can, when I can, about fashion and beauty portraiture! The hair and makeup was awesome and I now want to try and arrange shoots like this as much as I can!! 

It was nice to get a little taster of what a shoot like that can be like! I worked hard and really enjoyed it. I wish we could of had a bit more creative control over the shots, but at the end of the day, technically, they were our 'clients' and we had to give the client the shot that THEY wanted! Which we did! And in that respect I am really happy with what I done! and of course there's plenty more time for creative images of my own ideas!

Anyway, here are a few of my shots!  


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Composition at home

Hey again!

So this week for Sarah's Creative Imaging assignment, we had to take photos in our house... and ONLY in our house... of anything that we wanted that would represent the following:

- Texture
- Shape
- Line
- Pattern or Rhythm
- Shape or Form
- Symmetrical Balance

We could take as many photos as we liked, but we had to have 6 final images representing the above. 
I found this assignment pretty easy in comparison to some of the previous assignments we've been given by Sarah. Maybe this is because she is opening my creative mind with all these assignments and notes she's been giving us, or maybe I just had a nice variety of objects in my house haha! Who knows.
So, just because I found this easier than previous assignments, doesn't mean I found it easy as a whole. It was pretty simple finding things to represent the above, however, trying to create an interesting image for each of them was slightly more tricky! I think I just find it difficult in general to make an interesting image out of a mundane everyday object. Now, this is probably just because I'm more practiced at taking photos of people, rather than inanimate objects, and that is why we have Creative Imaging as a class... in order to enable us to open our minds to this sort of thing... but doesn't mean I don't find it challenging! I guess that's the point though - to challenge us to be creative and make interesting images out of what you wouldn't necessarily think is interesting. I dunno, maybe other people will think my images are creative and interesting, maybe they won't. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with my outcome, but I am my own biggest critic after all.






Symmetrical Balance


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brand New Website!

Good Morning my lovelies! 

Today I am very happy, because I finally got my website up and running.
I have had a domain for over a year and for about three quarters of this year it hasn't been up and running properly. This due to technical problems and such and then me just not bothering to sort it out because I was getting so frustrated.

Anyhow, with my shiny new Macbook there is iWeb!! So I decided last night that I would make use of this program and sort myself out a site to put onto my domain again!

So here it is, the brand new Katy Winterflood Photography website! 

Let me know what you think. :o)


Monday, October 5, 2009

Portraits of Kate

As part of a practical test in Digital Imaging today, we had to go out in pairs and take 20 portraits of each other, then we had to do various things with them in Lightroom.
Part of this test, is to embed a slideshow of 10 of those images into this here blog of mine.

So here you go guys, 10 lovely portraits of Kate!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Board Assignment #3

So I probably should wait until I have actually put my photo up on the wall for this week's board assignment at school, but I love my picture too much, that I just can't lol.
Plus this is the edited version, whereas, my print is unedited (due to the fact that I think we still can't use edited photos for assignments yet).

I thought I was going to hate this board assignment, because we have to shoot a load of 'framing' shots for Digital Imaging and Im finding it really hard to think of ideas for it, however, for the 'Frame within a frame' theme for this weeks board assignment, I had this idea and went with it... and I'm really happy with the outcome. More happy with this edited version than the unedited print though, but hey ho. You guys can see the better version now on here...

What do you think? Im really happy with it. But maybe I'm just biased towards my own shots! lol! 

...Ciao for now! 


Friday, October 2, 2009

Prettyful Sheldean!

So I'm working on Gabrielle's assignment for Digital Techniques and I'm finding it quite tricky. I chose Portrait's as my theme for the first part and therefore need about 30 portrait shots.
Portraiture is my forte and where I feel comfortable, yet I'm finding I don't have the time, what with working a part time job as well, to set up some decent shots.
So Im finding I'm getting just bog-standard, average shots which Im not happy with.

I took a few shots of some of the girls at school earlier and I got a gorgeous one of Sheldean, so i've been playing around with it in Lightroom and heres the outcome:

I wish we could submit edited pics for the assignment - I HATE my unedited shots! They always look so bland until I've played around with them in Lightroom or Photoshop. 
As for the second part of the assignment, with the subject of Framing - don't even get me started on that! I need another 30 odd images for that part and don't even know where to begin. I think I have about 5 shots so far.
Ugh, oh well, i'm sure i'll pull something together, i'll have to! 

For now, I hope you like my shot of Sheldean - at least I've got something Im happy with! :o) Thank You Sheldean!


P.S. Have a bunch of shots from the Nygard Fashion shoot I shot which I'm itching to get up on here, but I have to send them off to Nygard to be approved first, which I will be doing very soon! I almost have them ready! So look out for updates on that!