Sunday, September 27, 2009

Working the Subject... 100 Creative Ways!

Assignment number 3 from Creative Imaging... and probably the most challenging one yet... why thank you Sarah!! lol

Being told to choose 3 objects a week in advance of our assignment, it was pretty obvious we were going to have to take pictures of them. What we didn't know until Friday was that we had to shoot 100 (YES ONE HUNDRED!) photos of the damn things! AND we had just 4 and a half hours to get it done in! (3 and a half if you take away the half hour it took me to get home from school to where my objects were situated and the half hour to make and eat some lunch to give me the energy to get through the afternoon of intense shooting!)

So my objects (as you can see in the above picture) were; my dining room chair, my parasole (new that would come in handy one day!) and my beloved acoustic guitar.
When picking 3 completely unrelated objects, it was certainly a challenge trying to make interesting photos out of them. 
What made it even more challenging was the fact that we had to shoot in one spot. We could move the objects around amongst this 'one spot' but couldn't change location altogether and had to have all 3 objects together. We couldn't do an individual shot of each object, BUT we could close in on one object with our camera so it was the only thing in the shot (thank god for zoom lenses!) So, with all these ground rules laid out, Sarah didn't make this assignment easy for us!

I kept thinking "how on earth am I going to get 100 different shots?!" I honestly was almost giving up the will to live...ok slight exaggeration! But never-the-less I was a tad stressed out! 
Luckily, once I got into the swing of things I seemed to be snapping away and I started to think "ok, this isn't so bad, I seem to be getting alot" only to look at my camera and find that I'd only shot 30 odd images! Still LOADS to do yet I was lacking creative ideas! There's only so many ways you can shoot a chair, a parasole and a guitar, right?! 

A little while later, after climbing on piano stools, lying on the floor and squatting in ways that no-ones leg muscles should have to endure, to get juuust that right height for my shot; to my surprise, I was finally getting there...50...76...94...almost done!
I was a bit worried that I was shooting the same angles and views of the objects multiple times, which stressed me a bit, but when I finally had my 100 shots and I looked back over them, it appeared to be okay...  at least I don't think I have duplicate or too similar images.
A few came out wrong, but apparently 'creative failure is the way to creative success'... or so Sarah tells us! I hope she's right! 

So anyway, it was an eventful afternoon, and even my dog was curious as to what I was up to (as one of my photos shows), and he liked to sit in my lap when I was laying on the floor trying to get my shot, but despite the curious dog getting in my way (and in my shots!) I succeeded! 
Hopefully my photos will reflect some creativity, rather than just looking like random photos! Hmm, we'll see... this creative thinking malarky is difficult! 

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Black and White Film Fun

Hello again!

Shooting film is a stressful thing for me at the moment - I'm constantly looking at the back of my camera after taking a shot and then realising *ITS NOT DIGITAL, THERE IS NO PREVIEW!* so then I'm worried that *what if my shot doesn't come out!?! what if its not correctly exposed!?! what if, what if, what if!?!*...
... but then, I get the pics developed and Im LOVING them! hehe! 

My assignment this past week for Analogue Techniques was to shoot a roll of black and white film taking into consideration 'simple subject composition'. Overall I'm super happy with the outcome of my shots, considering this is only the second time i've worked with film, so here are a few of my fave shots from the roll:

Laura posing for me, *bigging up* PrairieView with the brochure in hand! hehe.

Hannah posing with camera in hand

the medium format camera in the school reception

Bailey finding it really hard to keep still for me!  and was just interested in the biscuit I had in my hand for him, which I was using to try and bribe him to pose for me lol.

My piano looking shiny and pretty.

Random bike in Assiniboine Park; I thought it looked pretty cool.

The most beautiful Great Dane puppy called Indie. Only 3 months old and already knee height! 

My sister and Bailey sitting in the front garden

My Liam posing for me!

My Liam looking lovely again and letting me shove my camera in his face again! 

Liam and Bailey (but the fidgety dog moved his head as I snapped the shot)

Ornamental plant in the family room that I thought looked pretty cool! I was literally laying on the floor next to it shooting upwards to try and get all the cool lines of the plant.

So yeah, Im pleased with the outcome of my assignment :o)
Let me know what you think! Comments always welcome!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Shoot, shoot shoot!!

Hey peeps,

So we're a couple weeks into school now... I'm really enjoying myself but I don't think I've ever done so much shooting in the space of 2 weeks! Just when I'm getting on top of things, I receive another assignment to keep me on my toes! Not that I'm complaining really! I am enjoying it a lot! But WOW at the stress factor! Im out of my comfort zone of photography at the moment, and as much as I know it's all to help me learn correct techniques and to grow into a bigger and better photographer, I'm still a big stress head at the moment all the same!!
I'm not the only one though, so that's comforting! :o) 

Today in Digital Techniques Gabrielle bombarded us with assignments lol, the first was given to us at about 2ish and it had to be completed by 4pm! At first I read the assignment and thought, *NO WAY am I gonna be able to do that and by 4pm! eeep!* But then when I got into the swing of things and started shooting, it didn't take me as long as I thought it would! 
We had to shoot 40-50 images of ONE shop/building front down Albert Street (a street a couple of blocks up from school) capturing it in as many different ways as possible, considering angles, composition and creativity! Thats one heck of a lot of photos of the front of ONE building! But anyways, I managed to get it done and I don't think I done too shabby a job! 

Here are 2 images from the bunch, that I had a little time to play around with in Lightroom! 
The images we submitted for the assignment had to be unedited, but after I finished, I had a little fiddle around in Lightroom to make them a little more interesting.

Until next time....


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surprise Field Trip!!

So today we went on a field trip to Grand Prix! 
The weather was definitely on our side... in fact, I think it was a little bit unbearable how hot it was at times! Never the less, fun times were had! 

Here are some shots I got throughout the day (all straight from the camera, unedited, as I haven't got Lightroom on my new mac yet so can't edit anything at the moment *sad*)

So we got going with some crazy golf! There were clubs and balls flying everywhere, I was scared for my camera, haha, keeping it out of harms way and close by my side at all times!

whilst having fun, we still had to concentrate on "getting those shots" for Ross' assignment! I was getting frustrated with my mind for forgetting all the numbers we were learning in class that morning! 

Aly was having the same trouble as me, getting those shots, for a while. I think we all got the hang of it eventually though! 

we ended up having to get help from Ross (and Tristan and Paolo) on how to get the shots we were after! Things made sense when they explained it all again... for a few moments at least anyway! 

Jonah was supposed to be 'golfing' (as was I), but instead we decided to stop and snap pics of each other lol! 

Sierra, Kate and Sheldean enjoying the fun in the sun!

Laura ready and poised at her camera and tripod... 

Chris looking like a right pro!

and now for the go-karts!!! *Hi Aly* (look, she's waving at my camera lol)

Haha, Sorry Ross, I caught you trying to get your seatbelt on! I think Ross, Tristan and Paolo took us to Grand Prix because they secretly just wanted to go on the go-karts themselves! hehe!

Candice posing, armed with her tripod and Nikon!
Hmm looks like Paolo is pointing his camera at me... I hope I didn't break his lense! Everyone is waiting to get those 'action' shots of the go-karts!

Aly was loving this! I woulda been straight on there, had I not been wearing shoes with a lace and 2 velcro straps - too lazy to take them off and put them on again afterwards! it was toooo hot for all that effort haha!

Sooo, all in all it was a fun day! And really great to finally get to socialize with the rest of the school! Being split into 3 classes, I feel like I only know 1/3 of the school so it was awesome to get to know some of the other guys and gals! 

Can't wait to see what everyone else captured on their cameras... get blogging peeps!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DT2.1 Lines Assignment

Hello Fellow Bloggers, Teachers, Friends and Family,

Here is a slideshow of the images that I took for my Digital Techniques, Lines assignment:

I found this task more challenging than I originally thought I would. When you think of lines, you think "oh yeah, there are lines in pretty much everything", which there is; but then I found myself looking at all these different things that made me think of lines and then stopping and thinking, "now how can I shoot this creatively?" That was where the challenge came for me. Also, I started to look at a subject and would interpret lines in it, but then I would think to myself, would OTHER people see lines in the image the way I do? So then I kept second guessing whether or not my ideas would actually fit into the theme of lines. 
An example of this, would be the images of my boyfriends tattoos. I looked at them and immediately saw the outlines as an interpretation of lines, which I thought worked well in an image. Also, the image of half of his face, where he has raised his forehead to see lines in his skin made me immediately stop and say "Wait! Hold that! I see lines!" *snaps the shot*! ...The question now being, would other people interpret these images under the theme of lines in the same way as I do? Well, I guess we will see won't we...

A Tribute to my Sister

So I was out and about downtown in the Exchange District earlier today shooting for my Digital Techniques 'Lines'  assignment, and whilst on my way down to Photo Central to pick up my prints for a previous assignment I came across this street:

HARRIET STREET! That (incase the title of this post doesn't give it away), is my sisters name. 
Lol, I got quite excited by this and thought "I HAVE to take a picture for her" haha! 

Anyway, this is just a little update on my downtown adventures whilst shooting assignments lol. More to come soon.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Virtual Diary of a Photography Student

When I think about my photographic experiences, I find it hard to pin-point one memory.
If I had to choose one thing, I suppose something that comes to mind would be this;

I have a framed 4x6 photo of my dad, that I took all by myself when I was about 3 or 4 years old, on holiday in Florida, and I have had it on display in my bedroom ever since.
I find it hard to believe that I took the photo at such a young age, but I'm always so proud to tell people, "Yep, I took that when I was a toddler and its been framed like that ever since...".
I think that photo will be with me for life.
When I look at it, I think how strange it is that way back then I had no idea I would become the photographer that I am today.
Its the first thing I remember about taking photos, and amongst everything that you do when you're that age, and yet you hardly remember any of it, it proves how much a single photo can remind you of a single moment so vividly.

So now I'm at school studying photography there are a few things I'm hoping to achieve;
  • to be able to use my camera without thinking; to make it an extension of my arm and produce technically great images.
  • to expand my creative mind and to portray this creativity through my images.
  • to learn how to succeed in being a great business person in the photographic industry.
  • to generally become comfortable and confident as a photographer.
  • to be able to call myself a 'professional'!

My favourite genre of photography is portraiture! I love images of people, especially those that are taken in an interesting environment. Fashion photography in particular is something that interests me highly.
I love the way in which fashion images can portray a story or a theme, whilst creatively promoting a garment. I would love to create amazing fashion images.


A New School, A New Blog!

So, finally I'm a student again...YAY! I've been waiting for this for a while now so I'm really excited to be back at school!

For those of you who are reading that don't already know, I'm at PrairieView School of Photography in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

The above picture is my shiny new iMac that I get to use at school... yum yum!

Anyways, I will be using this blog to keep everyone posted on my antics throughout the year!
So enjoy, and any comments on my future posts would be great!