Friday, January 29, 2010

People and Pets :o)

Hey People,

So sorry my blog entry's are few and far between lately! My life is so hectic these days that I rarely have time to sit down and blog!

Right now I'm not feeling so well, so I've had to rain check on going out for the evening and I've been chilling at home in the warm instead! 
In order to try and keep some sanity, whilst at home, depressed about not being able to go out on the town, I've been playing around with the studio lights that I've borrowed from school. 
This evening my dog has been the only willing person to 'model' for me haha, but I did manage to rope my mum and dad in for a few shots too!

Here are my 2 fave shots! 

Not bad for a studio light beginner, I'd say! Makes me want my own lighting kit coz I know I'm gonna miss it when I don't have it at home! lol.
Anyway, hope to do some more shooting with the lights over the weekend, so i'll keep you posted :o)


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  1. Hey, im jelous. My college has a studio room type thingy, with a green screen, I want it to myself, I haven't tried to use it yet but i bet they wont just leave you to do your own thing, I don't like that, worth a try though!

    What equipment did you use exactly?