Monday, April 5, 2010

AT21.1 Hybrid Photography

So over Spring break I had an Analogue assignment to shoot a roll of colour film on any theme I wanted. Unfortunately, it didn't end up as 'themed' as I originally planned and would of liked!
For the first half of my spring break I ended up not being able to do anything as I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth out, so when it came to shooting this assignment it was Thursday and I realized I'd picked up the wrong film! Uh Oh! Luckily, my star of a mum went and got me a roll of the correct film so I could still get it shot! 
So it came to Friday when I was planning to shoot and lone behold, it was miserable weather and raining! :o( As it was forecast to rain all week, I decided to have my theme as 'in my house' and started to snap a few shots. Saturday came and I hadn't finished the roll by any means, and luckily for me the sun decided to come out! I decided then to take my camera everywhere I went on Saturday and shoot things that I came across throughout the day. Theme therefore entitled 'A mish mash of things from Katy's Saturday' haha!
I'm just glad I got the roll shot!

These are 3 images that I took when I went out for lunch with my mum and Liam.
Shot on colour film, scanned onto my mac and enhanced in LR.

Liam standing in the road
Coffee at Stella's
Reading Uptown


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